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Police College and Secondary Police School
of the Ministry of the Interior in Holešov

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The Police College and Secondary Police School of the Ministry of the Interior in Holešov was established by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. It significantly contributes to the training of police officers and civilian employees of the Police and the Ministry of the Interior. An important part of educational activities is to provide secondary education for graduates of primary schools. The actual campus has an area of 18 hectares and other training facilities including shooting ranges are located in Dobrotice. The shooting ranges in Dobrotice and the buildings on campus have been renovated recently.

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School facilities are also used by the Unit of Police Education and Training of the Police Presidium.

The school has excellent conditions for studies. There are 24 classrooms, 35 specialised classrooms, 3 shooting ranges and extensive sports facilities, including sport halls with tatami. Classrooms are equipped with modern teaching (didactical) equipment, which is used during the educational process. Full catering is provided in the school canteen, and accommodation at a dormitory in the school campus.
Classes are led by fully qualified and experienced teachers who are continuously furthering their education. They gain new findings, knowledge and skills as a part of further education for teachers, for example professional seminars, conferences, study visits or cooperation with foreign partners.

The educational process of the Police College and Secondary Police School of the Ministry of the Interior in Holešov is carried out using the following programmes:

Police College

Secondary School

Language Education

Further Professional Education

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Police College: In 2008 the Secondary Police School of the MI in Holešov obtained the accreditation of educational programme of Police College  “Law Enforcement and Security work programme (68-42-N/04)“. By completing this educational programme the students get the required professional competence needed. Training at the Police College enables the policemen and policewomen to get the required qualification: inclusion of policemen and policewomen of the Police of the Czech Republic into the 6th and 7th wage rate according to law no. 361/2003 Col.. Inclusion of the civil employees of the MI and the Police of the Czech Republic into the  9th and 10th wage rate according to the government directive no. 564/2006 Col. In 2014 the school gained the accreditation extension of this educational programme for the next period.

The Secondary School is implemented in the educational program "Security and Law (68-42-M)". It is a four-year study program for primary school leavers, which is completed by the School Leaving Exam. The graduates have the possibility to join any of the branches of the Police of the Czech Republic, they have the opportunity to study at universities or work in different institutions of public administration, security agencies, municipal police etc.

The Secondary School in Holešov has a long tradition. In various forms, it has existed here since 1969. Due to its high level of professionalism our school is the guarantor of all secondary schools, which are authorized to teach the educational programme of "Security and Law".

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Language training is provided through intensive language courses aimed at the development of language competence, mainly the knowledge of professional terminology, which is based on the practical exercise of police service. The emphasis is placed on communication skills practiced in model situations. Native speakers who work at our school as teachers and tutors ensure a high standard of education. The school offers language education in English, Russian and German languages.

In the framework of further professional education the school offers training courses and qualification courses for obtaining the appropriate level of education. This area includes courses of foreign agenda, protection of classified information, the area of ​​pedagogy, information technology courses and others required by the Police and Ministry of Interior.

The school is successful at drawing funding through projects from European Union funds. Among the most significant investments belong projects from the Operational Programme Environment leading to the revitalization of buildings. In the field of education, there are projects of the External Borders Fund, projects regarding education of national minorities or international projects aimed at strengthening the professional competence of teachers.

An integral part of school activities is also international cooperation with our foreign partners, mainly from Slovakia, Poland and Germany. Through professional seminars, project cooperation and study visits there is not only the exchange of teaching experience, but also the knowledge of police work is shared as well. School staff regularly participate in CEPOL educational activities.

Also logistic support significantly contributes to the high standard of training activities of the school.

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